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Sydney Interschools Snowsports Championships- 2017

Hi every one Thredbo and mother nature have been very nice to us. If you are look to see the great photos we have please use the username: skier and the password: 2017 to see the hotshots photos

2017 NSW Senior State Cup

Well that was a new experience! Thanks a lot Debbie. With the cancellation of Friday play and condensing the Pool matches into just 1 day made for a very busy Saturday. Also with the return of the rain on Sunday afternoon didn't make conditions conducive for shooting most of the Finals. Thanks to all St George teams, and ACT teams for their patronage for teams photos, and for some of the teams that weren't bothered by the rain for their Sunday team photos after their respective finals. You all deserve a Medal! :-)

2017 NSW Junior State Cup

Oooops. I just remembered. We are now up and functioning as a Website again. Thanks to the wonders of Telstra we were unavailable for quite some time during and after the Junior State Cup. But as we are now hosted overseas (UK - what Brexit!), I can't envisage this happening again. So you can now see the action shots from the weekend. This also had a knock on effect with the team photos, so apologies for that as well. We are working our way through it. As ever the username is Oztag and the password 2017.

2016 Australian Senior Oztag Championships

Well well well. An eventful weekend. Apart from the traffic jams getting there and dealing with the bushfires returning home that is. Apart from the mini-battle of Vipers v Stingrays for overall supremacy over the weekend, congratulations to all concerned. Hopefully we have captured a snapshot of the weekend in the action shots from the games we covered. Now I'm not a betting man, but just imagine if you took a $1 mutli on Leicester City, Western Bulldogs, Cronulla Sharks, Chicago Cubs, and the rolled that into say Northern NSW Bears in the Womens 20s and then had the nerve NOT to cash out and let it ride on the Vipers in the Mixed Open. NICE.Username - oztag, Password - 2016.

2016 Australian Oztag Junior Championships

As we prepare for the Seniors this weekend, we have been finishing off all our work from the Juniors. So all our Actions Photos are up as well as sending off all the Team Photos to their respective contacts (Coach/Manager). See some of you at the Seniors.

2016 Australian Oztag Junior Championships

LIKE A TIGER! Well done to the 12 Tigers Teams that made the Grand Finals this weekend. Seems like the rest of us played a supporting role this weekend. However if it wasn't for those 'supporting' oztaggers it wouldn't have made much of a championship tournament. So well done everyone. We tried our best to shoot as many teams as we could but with one photographer down, the internet up and down, and the numbers up we faced an uphill battle. Some action shots are up as some of you already know but we are still working on making sure we have every thing up we will let you know asap. so login and and have a look. Username - oztag, password - 2016. More on the Team Photos in the next couple of days.


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